Hello, this tool is intended to be used by the scheduling staff in your radiology clinic. It provides a baseline knowledge of contrast indications by common diagnosis. It does not replace your local protocols. It also does not list patient preps. Please contact me if you find an error or bug at ctcontrast@​gmx.com The MRI button is not fully functional yet, I'm working on it.​ Thanks for visiting!   -Adrian   (Keep Scrolling down for page update info and a blog no one asked for.)

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What is Contrast?

Oral contrast (taken by mouth)

 A fluid used to highlight the digestive tract inside a patient. It follows the path of digestion from mouth to colon, so it is used in any abdominal or pelvic studies. Oral Contrast is not used to enhance any other organ.

Intravenous or IV Contrast 

An agent injected in the veins it is used to highlight the veins and arteries inside the patient. It also illuminates the tissue of organs, so it is regularly used for most exams.

Update: 02/27/2020:

Increased they array for ct diagnoses.

Added MRI Head and Soft Tissue Neck

New page format with cool dotted background. woo!

Update 02/10/2020:

-Increased the array for ct diagnoses.

-Shortened a lot of the java script functions with global variables. 

-Increased the array of CT diagnoses. 

-Started coding "Head" portion of MRI database. Should be done this week.

-Added this page for more "content" required by google's AdSense. 






A note from the webmaster:

Hi, Thanks for visiting the website, as mentioned before its focused for the layperson and to help scheduling staff, but if there is something you think should be different or I made a mistake, please send me an email at ctcontrast@gmx.com. 

I know there are an unreal amount of ICD-10 diagnosis codes, but eventually I will be putting them in as well. It would be nice and simple to type in N20 and get results CPT 74176. The coding would be a lot simpler too, since some of the ICD-10 codes follow a group pattern. Please don't look at the source too closely, I have elementary level knowledge of CSS, Java Script and HTML...I'm know there are better and more efficient ways, I just don't know them yet. Similarly, if you know how to code the server or back ends to these kinda things, I welcome any suggestions.


I would like to keep the front of the page as simple as possible with only the few user inputs, and the search results. There will be a google Adsense Advertisement somewhere soon too, to pay for the hosting. 

However Google wants me to put more content on the page before getting approved to take on advertisements. Expect non-sense and pictures and other unrelated material...maybe. 

Thanks again for visiting and reading,

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